About Me


My name is Wendy and just over a year ago after a few glasses of wine with a friend & chatting about her Food Blog….How did it go….I couldn’t do anything like that….go on give it a try post something on Twitter…..since then I haven’t looked back!  So I have to say a “Special Thank You” to that friend!

So you see….I have a passion to Bake, Make & Share anything which I feel family, friends etc will enjoy.  My dream is to have my own small Cafe/Bistro near the coast so that I can use locally sourced products to Bake, Make & Share whilst visitors sit in comfortable surroundings with a view of the sea, with a piping hot drink on a cold day or a beer/glass of wine when the sun shines!  But for the time being I hope to get you all baking & making so that you can also share my recipes with your family & friends.

So go on….put your pinny on and Bake, Make & Share……..

I hope you enjoy browsing my Blog!